We believe that God gives us talents for a reason

When God told Israel to build the tabernacle, he had already prepared men and gifted them with skills and talents necessary to do the work. That's clear in Exodus 31, which is where we got our name. Similarly in the Church, God has gifted each of his children, and he expects us to use the abilities he’s given us to build up His Church, in ways that glorify Him. That’s what we want to do.

We aren’t unique in our skill set. We intend to use the skills we have for God’s purposes and God’s glory. We choose what we work on carefully, in terms of how we’ll use our time and what kinds of work we think we are best equipped to bring value. If you have a project you’d like us to look at, please let us know.

X31 Technologies was founded by Shawn and David, who together had something like 50 years of Information Technology working with a range of technologies, in a variety of environments. Much of that experience is in missions and ministry environments--building and supporting networks, messaging communication systems, financial systems, donation management, and a variety of other tools for getting the job done.

Our calling matters to us, and so does yours

We belong to God, and he has given us skills and talents with the expectation that we will use them for His purposes. Similarly, your ministry exists because God gave you a task to fulfil. Your calling matters to us. We're here to apply our expertise to help you accomplish the mission God has given to your ministry.

Doing the job right

There are several components involved in doing the job right.

It means doing the right job

We don't believe that we should take every job. God has prepared us with specific skills. We want to do work for which we are prepared, that we understand, to which we add value. There are times in life when what you need is someone who's breathing. We want to bring more.

It means doing it for the right reasons

We're intention about remembering who we work for. We do it serving the Lord, with a sincerity of heart. We do it knowing that we are a part of His work, and that the work matters because God calls us to the work.

It means using the right tools for the job

Don't use the wrong tools. That would be silly.

And it means understanding the problem we're trying to solve

We bring years of experience in a variety of environments, much of it ministries.