Custom Web Application Development

Web applications have significantly changed the way people work. They allow you to generate and deliver content in a distributed and easy to use way. They allow your users to have advanced functionality that works the same way across computers and other devices, without distributing or installing special software.

We have experience with a variety of technology stacks, but we build web applications based primarily on Node.js. Node allows us to build and deploy applications quickly, and once deployed they run efficiently with less hardware requirements (and therefore less ongoing cost) than many alternatives.

Data Driven Applications

If you are like most organizations, your data is stored in a variety of databases scattered across your ministry and likely across the Internet. Whether its key value stores (Cassandra), document oriented data stores (MongoDb, CouchDb), classic relational databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server), or even just flat files, we've done them all.

Application Integration

Many organizations use a number of other SaaS systems that provide a programmable interface (an API) for integration. We can integrate your application with basically any service that uses an accessible API, or we can create an API for your application to integrate with other services.

Web Applications that accomplish the mission

We love the technology, but not for its own sake. We love it because it helps accomplish the mission more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively. There are a lot of companies that can build web applications. Choose one that is compatible with your mission. One that believes in your calling.