X31 Learning Platform (LMS)

A few years ago we were involved in building a custom web application for Discipling Nations Alliance. The application was used to deliver DNA's message to people all over the world on the http://coramdeo.com site. As custom developers, when we initially developed the application we handed it off and thought that was the end of our involvement. A couple of years later, DNA came back to us and asked if we would provide hosting and support for their use of the web application, and beyond that if we would consider hosting other ministries use of the application as a training platform. It seems that as soon as the application was in use by DNA, they started hearing from other ministries that were interested in using the system for their own courses.

We said "Yes!" This is how our SaaS model got started. We were, and are, excited that God would use a web application that we built to spread his message, the message he had given ministries like DNA to proclaim, around the world.

A platform tailored for your message

Our purpose in providing the X31 Learning Platform as a service isn't to provide just another generic LMS for businesses to train on. We want to be a part of spreading the Gospel, a piece of how God is working to fulfil the Great Commission. Obviously the Word of God is not new. Even so, how you convey your piece of the message, the message God has given your ministry to proclaim, is unique. It calls for a platform tailored to the message. That's what we want to provide.

A partner that shares your vision

There are a lot of LMS providers out there. If you just need a generic LMS host, find one that seems close to what you need and use them. But if you want a partner that will come along side and work with you to deliver your message, consider our LMS delivered as a customized SaaS.