Innovative Solutions for Today's Ministry Challenges

We strongly believe that God always provides the tools needed to accomplish the calling he gives us. Often the tools he gives us are the skills and talents we need to get the job done.

Whatever we do, we do it with a view of who we really work for. That means it has to be done with excellence. It means choosing the projects to which we bring true value.

Custom Web Application Development

We build custom web applications aimed at accomplishing key business goals at the heart of your ministry.

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Custom Software as a Service

We don't do commodity hosting. If you just need a place to park your web site, we're not the place.

What we do is specialized hosting of web applications that we develop and support. That might mean software we've built from scratch. It might be software we have built onto, or integrated with other systems. The key is we host things we know, and we support them over the long term so you know you can count on a partner.

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X31 Learning Platform (LMS)

The X31 LMS is a content platform aimed at distributing your training material on the web. This service is a key example of our customized SaaS offerings.

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