Custom Software as a Service

There are tons of companies that will take your web site and drop you into thousands of other customers getting identical treatment, little support, and commodity style hosting. We don't do commodity hosting. If you just need a place to park your web site, we're not the place.

Specialized Application Hosting

What we do is specialized hosting of web applications that we develop and support. We don't want you to be just another number. We want to be partners in accomplishing your mission.

And we don't want to host just anything. We want to host applications for which our hosting adds specific value. That might mean software we've built from scratch. It might be software we have built onto, or integrated with other systems. The key is we host things we know, and we support them over the long term so you know you can count on a partner.

Cost effective services

Simple, generalized hosting might seem to save you money in the short run, but that's not the whole cost of running web applications. We got into the SaaS business because we built custom applications for organizations that then came back to us and asked us to continue to support them in the use of the software. We can provide tailored servers, tuned databases, and specialized application support because we know the software intimately, and we understand how it fits with your goals. It costs more than commodity web site hosting, but its much more than that. The result is overall reduced costs and multiplied effectiveness.

A partner you can count on

Tie that specialized application hosting to a partner who cares about your ministry and your goals, and its a potent combination.